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Almost A Decade On

It's been eight years, but the whole thing is still unbelievable. People who were alive when President Kennedy was assassinated still remember the details of when and where they got the news. For us, it's like that with 9/11.

On the eighth anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington, we'd just like to offer our continued prayers to those who are still recovering from personal losses in the attacks. In the basketball world, Rick Pitino comes to mind as he lost his brother-in-law and close friend. It's a tough day for him we're sure, and tougher still for his wife.

Like so many, we turned on the TV that day and saw the thickest, blackest smoke we'd ever seen from one tower, and then saw the second plane hit.

Obviously a lot has happened since then and the attacks have been a daily presence, one way or another, ever since. On the bright side, Al Qaeda is apparently having some tough times: Predator strikes have decimated the leadership, and the Taliban is apparently pulling away from them and there is speculation now that they may even betray them.

It doesn't mean they're done, but it's a good trend.

Incidentally, while obviously New York suffered a tremendous blow, it's equally clear that the spirit which has animated New York since the days of New Aamsterdam cannot be so easily conquered.

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