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Coach K To Be Honored By West Point

Congratulations to Coach K, who will be inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame Friday. Sports is obviously not the focal point for Army like it tends to be elsewhere, but even so, you can find a lot of interesting people who either are or should be in it: Dwight Eisenhower, who played football and who nearly lost his leg which became seriously infected after a Jim Thorpe tackle. If he had lost it, he would have had to have left West Point and history might have turned out very differently. Olympian George S. Patton, who finished sixth in the pentathlon in 1912 (Thorpe won it by the way) should make it, too, as should Doc Blanchard and Glen Davis. They might all be there; we couldn't find the list.

It's a different standard at Army, though, and a lot of people will be inducted who achieved greatness outside of athletics - most, actually.

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