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Billy G Hits Rehab

Former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie made a wise decision when he decided to get into rehab. Although his DWI made his alcohol issues a matter of public record, it was pretty widely understood that he had a problem even before his arrest. And judging by his comments upon entering the John Lucas Athletes After Care Program, he may still have a problem. Can you spot the clanker here?

"I'm not very proud of what happened in Kentucky two weeks ago.That's inexcusable at this stage of my life. It should have never happened.

"I think one of the things I've always been is honest and truthful. I've never been afraid to accept responsibility. I am accepting responsibility by going to spend some time with John Lucas in Houston. He's got the John Lucas Athletes After Care Program. He's going to deal with some alcohol issues for me.

"Number one, I'm going to try help myself and number two, I'm going to try to get back into a situation where I can do what I love the most and what I miss the most and that's coach college basketball."

If Gillispie thinks Lucas is going to "deal" with this "for" him, he better think again. And Lucas will be the first to let him know.

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