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Matthew Laurance's Farewell

Matthew Laurance has been a friend of DBR for a long time now, so when he asked if he could say goodbye to Duke fans here, we were of course happy to let him do so. Like all Duke fans, we'll miss him a great deal, but wish him nothing but the best in Kentucky. Please go to the boards and post your best wishes to him and his family there

As someone who has had DBR as his homepage for years (and used it for most of my Duke information), I'm very grateful to Julio and the gang for letting me say so long (and not goodbye-thanks GB) to my second family.

First the details. The three loves of my life- Shannon, Everett and Lee- and I will be moving to Lexington, KY. I've been given a great opportunity there to work with LM Communications and their six radio stations. I'll be doing a bit of everything, including co-hosting a sports call-in show on their ESPN outlet. They also have a new ABA team there coached by my good friend Kyle Macy, and I'll be working with him too. It's a great opportunity with a big upside, as they say. And to top it off, and just as important, Shannon's family is there. It's gonna be great, in so many ways.

There is really no way for me to adequately express the love and respect I have for the people that I've been so blessed to work with and meet through Duke Basketball. Working with Bob Harris and John Roth, (and John Rose, too) for these 10 years has been an honor and privilege. They've taught me so much, about Duke, and radio, and friendship. Everyone connected with Duke Basketball, from staff to managers to coaches to players, from Mike Cragg and Rachel Curtis to Gerry Brown and Laura Ann, has enriched my life beyond anything I could have imagined. And Johnny Moore has helped me in more ways than is possible to count.

Finally-Coach K. When I walked into his office 10 years ago and he told me what I was going to do, I couldn't have known how my life would change. However amazing people think he is, he's more amazing. However much a leader they think he is, he's more than that. He's the best person I know. And the act of bringing me into his family, literally and figuratively, is the greatest gift, aside from my own family, that I've ever received.

And the support and affection shown me from day one by Duke's fans will stay in my heart forever.

So long. I'll try to get a ticket to Duke-Carolina...

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