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Paulus Making A Huge Impression At The 'Cuse

There have been, understandably, a lot of questions about Greg Paulus' decision to return to football. He has, after all, been playing basketball for the last several years, and has worked diligently to craft a point guard's body rather than that of a quarterback.

Don't tell it to the Syracuse football staff. They're clearly delighted with what they've seen in Paulus and aren't afraid to say so. Check out these comments from head coach Doug Marrone:

"From all the information we've gathered, and considering the player we're talking about, I don't think there's anything Greg can't do. He knows how to look people off, take control of a game, change plays. Those things are hard to teach.

"Once you talk to him and spend time with him, and after you evaluate the film, you say, 'If anybody can do it, Greg Paulus can do it.' I can't explain in words how good a kid Greg is. I can't explain in words how much of a competitor he is. If you met Greg Paulus, you'd understand. And I wouldn't get all the questions I get...

"I don't mean to shut anybody off, but you've never met Greg Paulus. There's a lot more going on with him than just throwing a football. I've been around a lot of competitive people in college and in the NFL, as a player and as a coach. And I'd put him in the category with the most competitive people I've ever seen.

"I think I've been around a lot more of those kinds of guys than the people who are asking all the questions. Greg is a tremendous person. He attacks things with a full commitment. If there's something to be accomplished, he can do it."

Think they're happy to have him?