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Some Early Tourneys Announced

Some early season tournament fields have been announced, and Georgia Tech is going to be in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, Miami will be in the Charleston Classic, while Maryland is off to Maui for the Maui Invitational.

We're not sure what Dayton has this year, but they're a dangerous program in general, and are capable of upsetting a lot of teams. Tech is bringing in a boatload of talent, but Paul Hewitt hasn't yet made it clear that he is a top-line coach.

If they do win, they'll face the winner of George Mason and Villanova, which will almost certainly be 'Nova.

In the bottom half, IU gets Ole Miss and the winner plays the winner of Boston University and K-State. IU would normally be the favorite here, but they're still rebuilding.

So whoever wins the second game of the top half of the bracket should probably win the tournament.

Maryland opens with host Chaminade and obviously should win, but you can be sure that Gary Williams will give the Virginia-Chaminade speech. They'll play the winner of Cincy and Vandy, and would probably rather see the Bearcats than Vanderbilt, which will make them play in an uncomfortable style.

Lurking on the bottom side of the bracket: Colorado vs. Gonzaga and Arizona vs. Wisconsin. The Zags are an easy pick but it's a tough call in the second game. Wisconsin likes to play big and safe and while Arizona will be getting used to a new coach, they'll have enough talent to make Wisconsin work for it. A really interesting field.

Maryland gets Chaminade in Maui Invitational opener