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Virginia, FSU & UNC Get Guards

Virginia got a recruit that almost no one around here will be able to tell you much about - 6-5 Joe Harris out of Chelan, Washington, which is about three hours from the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond, and about 41 hours by car from Charlottesville, or about 35 days by foot, thanks to GoogleMaps. Maybe by Harris. For most of us, it'll take basketball season and then some.

Obviously new Virginia coach Tony Bennett has seen the kid play enough to be sold, and a lot of good players have come out of the Northwest lately. So an intriguing prospect. And another positive: he picked Virginia over Matt Doherty's SMU (among others), so obviously, he's not clueless.

And Miami picked a promising guard in 6-5 Rion Brown, a kid out of Georgia. His father, Tico, played for Georgia Tech before they joined the ACC, which we guess means Dwayne Morrison was his coach. Morrison left basketball and became a caddy on the PGA Tour if we remember correctly, which is one of the more interesting career moves we've heard of. Tico became the all-time leading scorer in the CBA.

But the best player of the day committed to UNC, as P.J. Hairston, a life-long fan, picked UNC shortly after being offered.