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An Update On The Herbster With The True Meaning Of Sendekism

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We saw this article and reacted with some amusement, knowing, as we do, that Herb Sendek loves teams like USC Upstate. So we were curious: who else has he scheduled for the mighty Sun Devils?

Western Illinois, Preseason NIT (with TCU, CS Northridge, and Texas State as the four teams playing in Tempe), San Francisco, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Delaware State, San Diego State, UCSB

Yep. It's a day-tight compartment with his men having total focus on their outstanding opponents. They'll have to to chop wood everyday and do things the right way and remember that anger is just one letter short of danger.

On the other hand, ASU fans should remember this: "In Tabari's Chronicle, Pt. v., c. 97, Tabari notes that all the Moslem theologians agree in thinking Sendekism much worse than any of the false religions, since it rejects and denies God as well as the Prophet." And you thought El-Sid was in trouble!