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A Quick Glance At The Schedule

Let's take a quick look at the schedule: other than the Madison Square Garden games of the pre-season NIT, the pre-December part of the schedule is really soft: UNC-G, Coastal Carolina, and Radford. Only the possible game with Charlotte is intriguing, although Radford has a bit more than most people think.

Things get better in December: Wisconsin will be a challenge - their crowd is already amped for this game - St. John's is improving, and Gardner-Webb has caused chaos the last few years. Duke plays Gonzaga in the Garden again (Greg Paulus had a beautiful game against them a couple of years ago up there), then the traditional holiday tune-ups against Long Beach State and Penn.

The other two non-conference games are against Georgetown (up there) and Tulsa in February, at home. Former UNC assistant coach Doug Wojick is now the man at Tulsa, continuing their uncanny knack of getting guys on the way up.

ACC-wise, of course UNC and Maryland are on twice, as is Clemson, Georgia Tech, and B.C.

Florida State, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest will come to Cameron while Duke travels to State, Miami and Virginia.

Is it just us or does it seem like home-and-home with State is never going to happen on even a semi-regular basis again? That just sucks.

We'll get the schedule posted in a day or two.