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John Wooden, For A Bit Longer, But Not Much

Seth Davis has an incredibly touching article up on John Wooden, who, he makes clear, will not be with us much longer. As he rightly says, it's hard to imagine a world without Wooden. Certainly it'll be a coarser and less pleasant place.

Things we learned in this article: Wooden voted for Obama, regrets not seeing Bob Knight run practice (there has been some notable tension between the two legends), his thoughts on corrupt booster Sam Gilbert, and we're not sure, but it might be the first time the very upright Wooden has ever used the word penis publicly.

We don't say that in a mean way, it's just remarkable to think that he's lived by such a code for so long that he's never come close to saying that, much less one of the words Knight might use instead.

Wonderful story by Seth, who obviously is touched by his friendship with the elderly coach. With a child on the way, perhaps Wooden is a nice name to consider.