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More On The Preseason NIT Field

The preseason NIT field was announced yesterday, and Duke opens with Coastal Carolina. The NIT site has a pdf bracket here.

Duke is seeded first and UConn is second and on the other side of the bracket, meaning a potentially dynamite finale.

On Duke's side, they also have Coastal Carolina, Charlotte, Elon, Arizona State, Texas State, TCU, and Cal State Northridge.

On UConn's side, they have LSU, Indiana Staet, Western Kentucky, Milwaukee, Colgate, Hofstra, and Yale.

Duke and UConn are obviously heavy favorites, but Arizona State and LSU are threats, too. UConn probably has the tougher bracket with LSU, Western Kentucky, and Milwaukee, although they'll only see one of them.

Everyone playing in Cameron, incidentally, is from in-state.

Playing Coastal is something of a reunion, as they're now coached by Cliff Ellis, the former Clemson coach who left there for Auburn before flaming out.