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Jason Robichau's Latest Duke Painting!

Sports artist, and die-hard Duke fan, Jason Robichau is teaming up with the Emily K Center to raise funds for the Center. Jason did a painting of Coach K with the players' gold medals around his neck which he presented to Coach at the annual K Academy. They are selling a limited number of prints, signed by Coach K with the proceeds going to the Emily K Center. If you are interested in finding out more information about these prints, you can contact Jason by email at or by phone at 409.351.3123.


"Bringing Back the Gold" is a painting depicting legendary Duke coach and 2008 USA Olympic coach Mike Krzyzewski. The painting shows Coach K as he acknowledges the fans after winning the gold medal while wearing each of the player's gold medals. The background features images of the world championship teams, the Olympic warm-up practices, as well as the Olympic games and celebrations. The original painting is 24x30" and was done using metallic acrylic paint.


Being a huge basketball fan, especially a die-hard Duke fan, I watched intensively as Coach K led the USA Men's Basketball team back to the pinnacle of international basketball. After watching each player of the team place their gold medal around Coach K's neck, I knew that I had to capture this moment in a painting. I contacted Debbie Krzyzewski Savarino about my idea for the painting as well as my idea of presenting the original to Coach as a sign of appreciation for his 3 years of service to USA Basketball. After receiving the go-ahead from Debbie, I naturally procrastinated in asking her when K Academy was. I found out on a Monday that the event was that Saturday. I spent four long days and nights working on this painting and am very proud as to how it turned out. My intention was to capture the entire process of his journey as the head coach of the national team. The background is covered with images beginning from him coaching the 2 World Championships teams, the Olympic games, and the team celebrating the gold medal victory. I hope that you enjoy the painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.