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Jeremy Tyler Should Fire His "Advisers"

You know, we can understand a kid deciding to play in Europe rather than wasting everyone's time in college if he's not interested in school, but when they started looking at his options and committed to Israel, did anyone explain to Jeremy Tyler that Haifa is about 50 miles from the Lebanese border and that he will be playing within the range of Hezbullah rockets and missiles? We don't really care what any of you think about the political arguments between the two sides, but let's just back up for a minute and imagine that you have a teenager with an extraordinary talent. Would you let him try to develop it in one of the most dangerous spots on earth? What kind of idiot advisers does he have?

Lots of Americans have played basketball in Israel, including William Avery and Will Bynum who finished his career at Georgia Tech. That's fine, they're grown men and can make their own decisions. But if you're going to send a kid abroad, wouldn't you pick a safer place? Maybe Madrid or Barcelona? The mind boggles.