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A Cheap Shot And More On That Wall Dunk

Rick Bozich has never been our favorite columnist or anything, but this piece he posted about Dominique Ferguson's decision to play for Isiah Thomas at FIU is really a cheap shot. So what if he doesn't want to play at Indiana or Kentucky? Maybe he does have an appreciation for local traditions (cheating in a fishbowl) and is smart to head elsewhere.

On the other hand, Gary Parish is going a bit overboard with John Wall. Is he going to be good? No question. Are there still questions to answer? Absolutely. Here are a few: will he be focused on school or the next step? What sort of a defender will he be? If he doesn't live up to expectations, how will he react to the always demanding Kentucky fans? Will his teammates accept him or resent his celebrity?

That's not as small a point as you might think. There was a controversy at one point during an NBA All-Star game when a young Michael Jordan was supposedly "frozen out" by his teammates. The guy supposedly behind it?

Isiah Thomas.

Thomas said it never happened, but there was never any love lost between the two. Chemistry is just so critical, as Kobe and Shaq more recently demonstrated.

Anyway, he'll probably be great, but you can't base a lot on a dunk. If you did, Jordan Crawford would be a pre-season All-American for dunking on Bron-Bron.