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So How's Boateng Doing At ASU?

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Arizona State's point guard Derek Glasser has some comments about his team's upcoming season, including some thoughts on former Blue Devil Eric Boateng:

"There are times in practice that Eric looked like the McDonald's All-American he was coming out of high school. And then there are times when Eric kind of disappears a little bit. But it's so hard for guys to play two minutes and then have to sit out for 30 and then, 'OK, Jeff has four fouls, time to go back in the game.' So I really don't know what to expect until I see Eric play 25 minutes in a game consistently. But I really think he's going to step up to the challenge because he's one of our hardest workers. He went to Duke, and he didn't get his opportunity. He came here, and he hasn't gotten his opportunity. Now all of a sudden, Eric's our center. He has to change his mindset and realize this is his time."