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Friday's Ad Update

As many of you know, we've been looking into the ad problems posed lately by a couple of advertisements of dubious worth.

The problem we've had on our end is this: the system is largely automated, and while Google provides a couple of tools to inspect things, we haven't been able to verify that the ads are coming from them.

Like a lot of sites, we're dealing with the ad slowdown and currently are using one other network than Google. They have not been able to tell us yet whether or not the ads are coming from them. In order to speed things up a bit, we have temporarily disabled their ads.

So if you see the ads that have drawn the complaints Friday (Evony and another which we haven't seen but which apparently is somewhat over the top or perhaps under the drawers), please let us know. If you can do a screen cap, that would be extremely helpful.

Update: we are seeing the Evony ad now, which means it is coming from Google. If the other objectionable ad loads, please let us know