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A Word About The Ads

A number of you have written over the recent past about the ads on the site. It's probably time to re-address that and we hope you understand where things stand. Currently most of our ads come through GoogleAdSense. It's a useful system, but not perfect. Among other things, it's not particularly easy to work with.

Most of the complaints have centered around political ads (on both sides of the aisle) and more recently the Evony ads.

Without getting too arcane, the system pretty much decides what ads to send where. We don't have much of a role in the placement and don't actually seek out any of the ads that come through. It's entirely automated. And given the paucity of ad revenues, we're grateful for what we can get. Like a lot of media businesses, we're finding this a very challenging time (we're very sad, by the way, to see that the ACC Handbook won't be around this year) and we've been reluctant to cut our revenues any further.

Nonetheless, we understand that not all the ads are appreciated. We quite honestly don't know much about how the system works, but we'll try and find out how the filter works and see if we can apply it. Thanks for letting us know your concerns and we'll try and address them to the best of our ability. Please be patient while we try to figure things out though.