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Viva Las Vegas!

It's all over but the announcement, and that will come Tuesday as Coach K is expected to re-up with the Olympic team.

The announcement will come in Las Vegas, and virtually no one is betting against Krzyzewski.

And as Jerry Colangelo points out here, U.S. teams went 28-1 this summer, which he attributes to the change in culture he and Krzyzewski have worked on.

Among the guys who will show up in Vegas are Eric Gordon, D.J. Augustin, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose, and Kevin Love. The complete list is here.

Most of the guys who played last summer will get some rest.

Some interesting candidates here. Obviously Augustin is in because of his shooting ability, and Griffin and Odom could give the U.S. a huge and powerful young base down low. Hard to imagine if they're both healthy (okay, well if Odom is).

Love is pretty well suited to the international game, we'd think, and Iguodala is the kind of athlete Coach K likes to attack with.

Just consider for a moment that you could sit down LeBron James and Dwight Howard and replace them with Odom and Griffin. Put Durant out there and you have an amazing front line.