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More On Dawkins Proposed Early Arrival

As it turns out, Andre Dawkins has one class to go, which is an English class, and if he passes that, he'll be at Duke in the fall. Who says so? Andre says so.

"That's the plan," he told the Durham-Herald Sun. His father, Andre Sr., urges a bit of caution, saying that "[i]t's premature to jump the gun until he's completed this course. "The NCAA has to make their determination, too."

True enough. Dawkins is reputedly an excellent student, though, and we understand he has a 1200 SAT, and Duke traditionally (and necessarily) does a great job of identifying who can and can't get in. So if someone can make it through Duke admissions, the odds are he'll make it through the NCAA clearinghouse as well, since Duke's standards are a good bit higher.

By the way, the early move was the Dawkins' idea, not Duke's.

One potential thing to consider is that Duke has for years had freshmen in summer school to eas the transition. Obviously Dawkins won't have that luxury. All things considered, though, the tradeoff is worth it.