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Christmas Coming Early For Duke?

While Jeff Goodman is reporting that Andre Dawkins will be playing for Duke starting this fall rather than next, it's worth noting that this hasn't been officially confirmed. But it's obviously interesting and would solve some problems for Duke pretty quickly.

Dawkins is a 6-4 guard who has terrific athleticism and is a deadeye shooter (in our recent call for nicknames for Dawkins, who said he'd like one, our favorite by far was Deadeye. Deadeye Dawkins. Has a nice ring to it).

Among other things, depending on his defensive savvy, Duke may be able to forget about playing zone. He might not be as good a defender as Elliot Williams was by the end of his freshman year, but he'll probably be more explosive offensively and would add a tremendous three point shot to Duke's arsenal.

This YouTube video shows a lot of dunks, and one or two shots. He's not that far off of Gerald Henderson as a leaper, but he's a better three man than Henderson has ever been. And as you know, you get an extra point from behind the magic line.

It's going to be fun to watch this guy and Seth Curry next year!