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John Gilchrist Update!

John Gilchrist, who famously clashed with Gary Williams before finding out that the NBA wasn't particularly interested, has since learned a bit of humility. Currently with the Adelaide 36ers on a two week trial, Gilchrist is remarkably candid in this article, saying "I wasn't as good as I thought I was."

"I was 19-20 at the time and I made some mistakes. I got ahead of myself and I was still learning. I had a lot of lessons to learn. That put me in my place and really deflated me."

Painful lesson, but good for him for learning it.

Speaking of ACC alums, Anthony Morrow, who was a big surprise as a free-agent rookie, continues to excel with Golden State. But here's a good question: if he could excel to this extent with Golden State, why couldn't he do it with Georgia Tech?