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Curry, U.S. Whip Canada

The U.S. U-19 team whipped up on the Canadians 93-73 behind a scintillating performance by Seth Curry, who hit 4-5 from three point range for 12 points.

Yes, Canada is a lame team, but one of their players has, without a doubt, perhaps the greatest basketball name since Feniss Dembo: drum roll, please!

Typhoon Nurse. This gets into boy-named-Sue territory. If he were, say, John Nurse or Bob Nurse, it wouldn't be such a great name. If he was Typhoon Smith (somewhat like Hurricane Carter), it would just sound like a cool nickname (and for all we know it may be). But Typhoon Nurse? Is it just us or does that bring Typhoid Mary to mind?

Next game is Saturday; medal games are on Sunday.