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Why Put Up With This?

The Henry brothers, Xavier and C.J., have whipsawed Kansas fans over the last day or so. Apparently they were offended by an article that suggested they weren't big on going to class.

Their dad called a family meeting and said they might change their mind and go to Kentucky.

Hilariously, for someone who was offended by an article claiming his boys weren't interested in school, he says that son Xavier, well, isn't interested in school: "If he didn't have to go to college, he wouldn't do it."

So there.

And while the boys might have liked to go to UK, their mother originally didn't want to live in Lexington. But now, says Carl Henry, "[s]he told Coach Self she's out of it. She don't care where they go."

If we were Bill Self, we'd cut them both loose right now. They're a much better fit at UK, frankly.