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ACC Losers #10 (Revised)

It's time to get back to our list of Top Ten ACC losers, and we should start with a correction. There's no way Tates Locke is #10. We'll return to him later. For #10, we'll go with Skip Wise, a Clemson guard who should have been truly great. He was around in the mid-70s, along with guys like Phil Ford, John Lucas, Skip Brown, and Monte Towe, and he more than held his own as a freshman. He was actually the first guy to make all-ACC as a freshman.

Unfortunately, he wildly overestimated his worth and maturity and left after one year to play ball with the Baltimore ABA team, called at different times the Claws or, most unfortunately, the Hustlers. After they folded, he played for the Warriors, but like many guys, Oakland was a place to pick up or worsen bad habits, and Wise ended up in jail for drug possession and distribution. He blew it in a big way.

Today he's back in Baltimore, doing good work at a rec center.