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Coach K On Writing With His Daughter

When people have approached Coach K about leaving Duke in the past, his answer has usually boiled down to that his family and life are here. That's true, but it's more true than perhaps most realize: his wife and daughters are part of the program in different ways, which means that his grandchildren are rarely more than 30 minutes away from wherever he is in town - a nice benefit for a guy who treasures family.

It's not like it's idle work, either. Take what daughter Jamie has done, co-authoring two well-regarded books with her father. It's not an easy thing to do, much less to do well.

As it turns out, he says he was impressed by her writing ability at an early age and saw her as a natural collaborator. Both see the relationship involved in the books as both an extension of their relationship and a way to deepen it.

The signings seem to be going well, by the way - scroll down in this article and read about a UNC fan who queued up to get her copy signed, and why.