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The Worst Of The ACC

We've enjoyed Andrew Jones's list of his Top 31 ACC teams, but it got us to thinking: what about the other end of things?

So here's our list of the Top 10 ACC losers. This includes both players and coaches. Like Andrew's, our list is highly subjective, and several of these guys really turned things around either professionally or personally after their bad stretch in the ACC. We'll run them over the next couple of weeks.

#10 - Tates Locke

After an outstanding job at Army and Miami of Ohio, Tates Locke took the job at Clemson. In his defense, coaching basketball at Clemson in the early '70s was a tough job, not least of all because the ACC had barely integrated, and Clemson was widely considered the most backwards place in the ACC. As recently as the early '90s, one Duke player supposedly said he wouldn't do anything in Clemson except get off the bus, play, and leave town.

Clemson cheated in a lot of ways under Locke. Tree Rollins said that he got, one way and another, around $60,000 dollars to play ball at Clemson - big money in the '70s.

Lockes's most remarkable stunt at Clemson was building a fake black fraternity: he took over an old quonset hut and hired local black high school kids to pretend to be frat brothers when a recruit was in town.

Fortunately, he got his life back together after spending his Clemson years popping pills, drinking heavily, and womanizing, but he left a huge mess behind in Tiger Town.