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A.J.'s #10 ACC Team - Maryland '02

Andrew Jones is up to #10 in his best 31 ACC teams, and it's Maryland 2002. That was a very, very good team with a superb backcourt in Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. We didn't much like them, but it was impossible not to admire that team. They were, legitimately, great.

Our question is simple, though: consider the following teams: Duke '86, UNC '93, UNC '84, Duke '91, and might as well toss in Virginia '81 - could that Maryland team have beaten any of these? We're not sure they could have.

We admired them a great deal, but the fact is, they didn't get the greatest test they could have in the Final Four, or at least not in the title game. They went through Siena, Wisconsin, Kentucky, UConn, and Kansas before getting an Indiana team that was a very poor matchup.

And things get dicey here when you compare teams from different eras: by 2002, early entries had really changed college basketball. Maryland ran Lonnie Baxter at center, and he was really an undersized power forward. Just for one example, Duke '86 started four seniors and a junior. UNC from 1982 to 1986 had James Worthy, Sam Perkins, and Brad Daugherty. That's almost inconceivable today.

We'll look forward to comparing rankings when his whole list is posted.