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A Modest Proposal

John Calipari and Isiah Thomas are taking heat for basically the same thing: not honoring commitments made by their predecessors. In Calipari's case, he's over his scholarship limit and has to get rid of three or four players, depending on what Jody Meeks decides about the draft, and Thomas has rather callously told recruits that he doesn't want them.

Here's a quick and dirty solution: make the coaches pay for the scholarships - not just for the year, but for the rest of the time they would be in use.

It wouldn't be backbreaking to a guy like Calipari - four scholarships over three years could work out to as much as $100,000+, and over four years, $133,000 and change.

But it would be putting their money where there mouth is - if they're going to yap on and on about education, and they break a promise to a kid, you know, pay the bill. Better yet, make it a four-year requirement for wherever the kid decides to go - that way, a coach who doesn't honor a commitment can potentially pay to be hoist on his own petard.