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John Wall Update!

No word yet on John Wall's decision, but Mike DeCourcy breaks down the likely impact he'd have on Duke, Kentucky, Miami, or Florida.

Wall is the guy Duke is hoping to get for point guard, at least for a season. But a lot of people think Mason Plumlee is going to be pretty good in the frontcourt, too.

Can we just add this about Wall?

A lot of people, for whatever reason, have turned Wall into a Rorschach test and are projecting all sorts of things on to him. It's partly because of how long his recruitment has gone on, but still. It wouldn't bother us obviously if he picked Duke, but if he picks Kentucky or wherever else he might go, we're not going to savage him because he didn't pick Duke and we hope Duke fans wouldn't do that, either.

From everything we've heard, he's a decent kid who found himself in a bizarre situation. And remember, he's not one of those guys who was spotted at 13. It would be good if fans of every school he's mentioned just sort of agreed that there's no need to give him a hard time before or after he makes his decision. Nothing in his life has prepared him for this.