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The Coaching Carousel Spins on...

After it looked like things weren't going to work out between Sean Miller and Arizona, they managed to get back together and decided to get hitched. It's an intriguing match.

Miller has done a brilliant job at Xavier, and he leaves praising the school to the hilt, saying that "I cannot say enough good things about this place. It defines who I am to a large degree."

If we weren't Duke fans, we might be Xavier fans. He's right - it's a great situation all the way around, and he added a lot to the tradition. Now to see what he can do in Tucson, where the fans have become accustomed to winning big. He'll have to get some West Coast guys on his staff to facilitate recruiting, but all in all, it's a great hire for both sides.

Former Arizona assistant Josh Pastner, who should have been considered if he wasn't, has taken the Memphis job. There's a chance this could be an absolutely brilliant hire. The guy came to Tucson as a walk-on and with a rep as a prodigy, and he's lived up to that to a large degree, at least as a recruiter. There will be whispers, particularly about his AAU connections, but he'll stand or fall on his own. He does have tremendous contacts all across the country, but particularly in Texas and the West Coast, places where he panned for talent with great effectiveness for Lute Olson.