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An Odd Story Of A Prodigy

By chance a few weeks ago, we came across a remarkable clip from an old movie of a little kid who was just sensational on piano. We asked our buddy Mike Vinyl about him and found out that he was named Frank "Sugarchile" Robinson and that he had been a sensation for a few years in the '40s and maybe early '50s.

The more we found out about him, the more intriguing he became. He was a prodigy who played with people like Count Basie before his feet could hit the floor. He was a huge success who set records at various venues. Then, for whatever reason, his success ended, he left the business, and more or less disappeared.

As it turned out, he became a psychologist and a chiropractor who kept his hand in the business end of music but didn't perform again until a few years ago.

Anyway, check out these clips from YouTube and you'll see a kid who was shockingly good but who just walked away from it, his career over at the age of 14. Whatever happened, there's bound to be a great book or movie in this.