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Arizona's Mess - Good And Bad

Whatever the reason, Arizona got lucky in one way to avoid Tim Floyd, a guy who trouble has followed before, but the way he pulled out was
pretty damaging to the Wildcats.

Earlier, Arizona's A.D. had said that Arizona had to "win the press
conference," an interesting way of putting things.  Now that this has
happened, they have to go back to the drawing board and start over, which is also pretty damaging.

In another fire/hire update, looks like Georgia is going to pick off Nevada's Mark Fox, and also the move of John Calipari to Kentucky means his recruits are mostly available again.  We think the reference to Duke here is a joke, but you never know.

Memphis has talked to Bruce Pearl and, yes, Tim Floyd, but
both demurred.

Also, Mark Few is apparently staying put at Gonzaga.

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