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Kelly, Henson, Henry & Oriakhi Discuss Recruiting

SI sat down with Ryan Kelly, John Henson, Xavier Henry, and Alex Oriakhi, all four Jordan Brand All-Americans, and asked them about their recruiting. We have to give Henson credit, he's a funny guy. Also funny: Henry, who heard that Kelly gives away spare shoes and asking what size he wears.

Here's an idea for anyone who wants to do a book that will sell well: sit down with a bunch of guys, anonymously if necessary, and ask them their recruiting stories, and we mean the ones that never get discussed. It'd be tremendous.

As an example, there was a book some years ago - we forget the name - that had a few ACC recruiting stories from the early '70s. In one, which was anonymous, the assistant coaches had the prospect and his dad on campus. They set both up with a girl, and waited outside one of the rooms (we think it was the dad's) until they heard bedsprings. "We got him!" they supposedly yelled in the hallway.