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Is Vasquez Ready?

A lot of guys have to make crucial decisions about the draft. Not least among them is Greivis Vasquez, who might do reasonably well this year but could be a much higher pick if he keeps progressing. Things have changed a lot though for guys who aren't obvious high picks.

We're not completely positive about this, but there's a reasonable chance that if you ran a poll, the least popular state to Kentuckians would be North Carolina. The emnity towards Duke is, you might say, distinctly un-Christian, and the feelings towards UNC, as they make a move on Kentucky's all-time wins record and move closer to their national championship wins as well, is not much warmer. So while this isn't the same thing, our guess is that a certain number of people in the Commonwealth would rather someone else have won. Maybe even Miss Tennessee or Miss Florida. Anybody but Miss North Carolina.