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Tim Floyd to AZ

Well this is depressing:  according to KTAR radio out of Phoenix, Tim Floyd is going to get the Arizona job.  Floyd is a good coach in general, but he's always had a bit of stench about him.

In the jobs that have been filled lately, Kentucky and Arizona are the biggest disappointments.  There's no question that John Calipari will do well at Kentucky, but his hiring marks the absolute end of the reform era which came after their last probation.  And while some would argue that Olson was no saint, there was no stain on his record or on Arizona's reputation.  We'll see how it works out from here.

And in Tucson, the brilliant career of Lute Olson, who was generally highly regarded, is to be followed by Tim Floyd?  That's really too bad.  They've had months to figure this out, longer than anyone else, and Floyd is the best they can do?  To borrow from Robert E. Lee after he blew Gettysburg:  "too bad! Oh! Too bad!"

We've been critical of Virginia's decision to hire Tony Bennett, but not because of any questions about his ethics or anything, but rather because his offense, so far, anyway, has been a snooze-fest.  That could change with better players, of course, and we hope that's what happens at Virginia. A lot of people are very high on his move to Charlottesville, which he made for a lot of the reasons you'd hope for.

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