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Playoff Prospects, The Olympics, K's New Book & Interview!

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A lot of people, Michael Wilbon included, expect to see L.A. and Cleveland in the NBA Finals, and as there often is in basketball, there's a Duke-UNC angle - several actually.

Mitch Kupchak is the G.M. for the Lakers; Danny Ferry runs the show for Cleveland.

The Lakers are led by Kobe Bryant, who would have gone to Duke had he played college basketball; Cleveland employs former Heel Jawad Williams. Both teams have a former State big man - the Lakers have Josh Powell, the Cavaliers J.J. Hickson.

There's also another Duke connection, and that's the sensational Olympic performance last summer. Coach K is busy this spring promoting his new book The Gold Standard: Building a World-Class Team. Both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James played on that team, of course, and both have spoken since of how being on that team changed them and the way they approach the game.

Krzyzewski also spoke to Dave Glenn of 850 The Buzz about a number of things, including the new book, on Thursday.