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More Officials Columns & A CBS Update

It's surely coincidence, but since we started featuring commentary by The Playcaller, officials are getting more attention from the media, most recently A.J. Carr on John Clougherty, who heads up the ACC's officials program, and John Feinstein writes about (mostly) western official David Hall.

Our experience with The Playcaller has been really great.  It's a very demanding job, one which immediately can incite a range of emotional responses, and as we have learned, most of us don't have the slightest idea of what they're doing.  If anyone at CBS is listening - and they might after you guys got their attention about the game Sunday - the concept should be expanded.  There's no reason why a retired official can't go on and explain what appears to be a controversial call in the same calm, dispassionate way the Playcaller does.

By the way, the comments by LeslieAnn Wade in the link above are very different from what they said when Duke fans first started calling, which was basically:  we have a contract and you'll take what we give you. Now go away.   Good job, you guys.

For those of you in San Diego, though, you should call and talk to them.  Last we heard, KFMB backed down from all infomercials and was offering the second half.  Go for the first too!

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