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ACC Roundup!

Virginia Tech gets a tough closing game with a visit to Florida State Sunday, and the Hokies know they're up against it.  After seeing them in Cameron this week, and seeing the damage they inflicted, we'd hate to have them as the last stop before tourney time.

No Games Until Saturday
ACC Standings
North Carolina 12-3 .800 26-3 .897
Duke 11-4 .733 25-5 .833
Wake Forest 10-5 .667 23-5 .821
Clemson 9-6 .600 23-6 .793
Florida State 9-6 .600 22-8 .733
Boston College 8-7 .533 20-10 .667
Bubble Line
Maryland 7-8 .467 18-11 .621
Virginia Tech 7-8 .467 17-12 .586
Miami 6-9 .400 17-11 .607
NC State 6-9 .400 16-12 .571
See You Next Year Line
Virginia 3-12 .200 9-17 .346
Georgia Tech 2-13 .133 11-17 .393

We were never all that crazy about former Maryland star Chris Wilcox, but it's hard not to like him after reading this.

So with one game left, who's had the most disappointing season?  You could say Virginia, because they just sucked for most of the year, or Georgia Tech, who wasn't even up to Virginia's standard.  But neither one was expected to be really good this year.

Virginia Tech and Miami were, and they both completely tanked.  In Miami's case, it could be that Jack McClinton is so reliable that other, more passive players don't assert themselves.  The 'Canes have some tremendous athletes, but guys like Dwayne Collins, Brian Asbury, have ability but haven't really asserted themselves.  Who knows why.  But they haven't.

Perhaps as important, though, is the erratic play in the backcourt, McClinton aside.  What happened to Denis Clemente?  Gone, and maybe should have never been recruited.  Eddie Rios? Next stop, the Big House. Guillermo Diaz was a huge talent, but he didn't quite get the nuances of the game (and to be fair he wasn't a Frank Haith recruit).

Just ask yourself: where would this team be, with say, Chris Corchiani at the point?  Drew Nicholas?

Tourney hopes have to be slim:  Miami hasn't won three games in a row all season long.

In a sad but inevitable note, N.C. State lost in the ACC Tournament and thus ends Kay Yow's final team.   No doubt they're all very sorry to let go, but eventually you have to, and not everything ends in a fairy tale finish.  They showed a lot of heart and deserve immense respect.

Rob Daniels has a good article up on officiating in the YouTube era.

One of the themes of this season has been media after coaches.  In D.C., Gary Williams has been hounded; Dave Leitao has gotten his share in Charlottesville, and Paul Hewitt has gotten a certain amount of heat in Atlanta.  So he probably didn't enjoy this article very much.

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