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Some Duke-UNC Notes!

With the Duke-UNC rematch coming up in a few days, here are some links to start the hype.  First, from, and then from WRAL, where there's also a poll to skew.  There's a good article at the N&O as well.

And speaking of the game, Bob Heyman asked us if we would pass this along.  He's a UNC guy, but it affects us all:

CBS has only allocated only two hours for the Missouri Valley Conference Championship game. It has been scheduled for the 2-4 PM EST window and our game has been slated to start at 4PM. If the Valley game runs long (which is what happened two years ago with the game preceding ours), we will miss the tip-off.

This should be completely unacceptable to both UNC, Duke and their respective fans.

For many of us, this is like starting the broadcast of the Superbowl after the kick-off.

There are a couple of alternatives for CBS that I hope they would consider.

If the Valley game runs long, CBS could show the start of our game on their CBS College Sports Network.

Another option would be to show the start of our game on the DirecTV channels (728, 729, or 730) which have been showing the alternative regional basketball games that are not shown on the local over-the-air CBS affiliate.

In any event, we need to make our feelings known to CBS now, and not at 4PM this Sunday when all we can do is yell at our TV!!!!!

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