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ACC Roundup!

In Tuesday night ACC action, Virginia travels to Clemson to take on some irritated Tigers, and Wake trucks up to Maryland to take on the much-improved Terps.

Tuesday Night's Games!
Virginia @ Clemson 7:00 PM RSN
Wake Forest @ Maryland 9:00 PM RSN
ACC Standings
North Carolina 11-3 .786 25-3 .893 3
Duke 10-4 .714 24-5 .828 2
Wake Forest 9-5 .643 22-5 .815 17
Florida State 9-5 .643 22-7 .759 16
Clemson 8-6 .571 22-6 .786 14
Boston College 8-6 .571 20-9 .690 48
Maryland 7-7 .500 18-10 .643 52
Virginia Tech 7-7 .500 17-11 .607 59
Miami 6-8 .429 18-9 .667 44
NC State 5-9 .357 15-12 .556 100
Virginia 3-11 .214 9-16 .360 110
Georgia Tech 1-13 .071 10-17 .370 159

Clemson's irritation with their last two losses should just about guarantee a win. Virginia has shown a real inability to handle pressure and Clemson likes to press. Bad mojo for the 'Hoos! Plus it's K.C. Rivers' last home game.

Meanwhile, as Maryland becomes a savvier and smarter team, Wake has continued to put up weak games on the road.  It won't be easy for them in College Park, but they do have a big size advantage.  It's a critical game for the Terps - again - as they keep their hopes alive for the tourney.   And by the way, Dino Gaudio is not happy with the schedule or the travel.

The Coast Guard is still looking for former State football star Corey Smith, who was lost at sea along with some friends.  They have found Nick Schuyler, who told them the basics of what happened.  There's a devastating photo of him in this link holding on to the motor of the overturned boat.  No doubt he was going through hell wondering about his friends.

The voting for All-ACC is almost here, and while we don't have a vote, we might go this way:  Gerald Henderson, Toney Douglas, Ty Lawson, James Johnson, and either Tyler Hansbrough or Trevor Booker.

But that's not as much fun as the All-DBR team, which is coming in the next couple of days.  For that, we just pick the players we like best, regardless of their profile.

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