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Some Brief Friday Notes

Friday's games were, three out of four anyway, blowouts.  Louisville utterly destroyed Arizona, 103-64, and it might not have been that close.  Oklahoma beat Syracuse, 84-71, but had a 27 point lead in the second half. And UNC took out Gonzaga, 98-77.

Louisville will get Michigan State, a winner over Kansas, 67-62, thus ending the possibility of a rematch between UNC and KU, which would have been compelling.

On Saturday, Mizzou plays UConn and Villanova takes on Pitt.  We think Mizzou will win - 7-3 Hasheem Thabeet isn't nearly as imposing in a game that frantic - and Villanova will knock off Pitt.

And of course on Sunday, Jeff Capel will lead his Oklahoma Sooners against UNC. That should be fun.

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