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Coaching Carousel - Things Are About To Get Crazy

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After Kentucky's season ended at Notre Dame, reports quickly began to swirl that Billy Gillespie was out.  WHAS11 is now reporting it as fact, though UK denies it. If so, might Billy Donovan be the second Billy for Lexington?  Would Anthony Grant slide down to Gainesville?  And who would emerge at Alabama?

Closer to home, if the dominoes are in full effect, what does this do to Virginia's search?

There are hints and suggestions that, well, there's something sort of wrong with Gillispie, that he might be Kentucky's answer to Matt Doherty.  Pat Forde discreetly mentions the rumors about his social life.

To make the carousel ever more interesting, the alleged recruiting scandal at UConn may lead Jim Calhoun to retire.

Needless to say, if all three go, it's a Duke Curse trifecta.

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