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It's The Coaching, Stupid

Everyone is looking at the ACC and wondering what went wrong.  Bill Brill may have his finger on it, and we've talked about it before:  there are some lousy coaches around these days.

If you don't think so, take this simple test.  Consider, let's say, Wake, State, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Clemson. Now imagine: how would any of those teams have played if they had been coached by Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, or Gary Williams?  Think any of those guys would have accepted what happened at Wake?  Think Miami might have shown more chemistry? State might not have been much better, but they would have played hard every time out, without question.

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Go one step further:  John Calipari.  Ben Howland.  Bill Self.  They'd have all gotten more out of any of those teams, and you know it's true.

Or just go back and imagine Wake playing like that with K running that team. They'd understand pretty quickly why he was willing to use a walk-on against Chris Paul, and they'd play like their heads were in the game.