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Radio Shock

Over the last couple of years, we've drifted more and more to sports talk radio, and around here, that means 850TheBuzz.  The Buzz is idiosyncratic, occasionally weird, and has developed a cast of characters that is truly grand.  We gradually got used to Adam Gold, who was not our favorite, but he's grown on us, and he has a gift for conversation.  Joe Ovies can be a bit sarcastic and autocratic (sarcratic!), but he has a habit of cutting to the chase.  And some of the callers are becoming cult figures. Homeless Joe keeps in character and is usually pretty funny, and the Duke fan (who might be a Carolina fan) who calls in to extol the genius of Coach K and to paint a wildly optimistic picture of what's going on.

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And we've gotten in the habit of listening to Dave Glenn in the afternoon, even if it is up against the Al Sharpton show, which can be pretty interesting and at times important.  Every politician should listen to it a few hours a week. It gives you a perspective you might not get from a perch of power.

The same folks own 620TheBull, in Durham, a station we listen to occasionally, and we confess to having boycotted Bomani Jones's show because it's generally understood that he's pretty much a Duke hater.

But it's March, and we'd rather listen to somebody local than Dan Patrick.

But what the hell happened to Bomani?  We've heard him sit in on TheBuzz and he's usually a complete blowhard.  He can at times suffer from Clark Kellogg-itis, where he feels the need to be More Clever Than You.  So add in a swig of arrogance, and he's often insufferable.

So what the hell happened?

We were listening to his show in the car on Tuesday, and....and..he was en fuego.  It was the Texas Toast of the soul, as Jones might have put it.  We have to give credit where credit is due, because he was laugh-out-loud funny.

You get the feeling that he's just way too hyper to sit in his studio chair.  The guy must be rocking back and forth like Bill Gates on fast-forward.

His bias can be annoying, but his sheer energy is contagious.  It was a great show.  But just don't put it up against Sharpton.