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ACC Roundup!

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Brandon Costner has decided to enter the draft rather than take his fifth year of eligibility, and Trevor Ferguson has decided to quit playing basketball.  Both will graduate this summer.

Does this hurt State?  Well, maybe Sidney Lowe might like to keep Ferguson around for a bit, but Costner has come across like a moody guy and maybe not such a great influence on the team.  It could be addition by subtraction.

Speaking of State, Jim Boeheim took a pretty straightforward shot at the Pack and their fans for letting Herb Sendek go.  And his reception in Tempe is markedly different.  Check this headline: Sun Devils complete incredible season.  He couldn't have bought that in Raleigh if he'd won 30 games.

Meanwhile, in Chapel Hill, Ed Davis is improving rapidly and the question is obvious: could he leave after one year?

And up in Virginia, the search continues, with a vow for landing a successful candidate.  For the rest of the ACC, it's a big deal, because let's face it: the current coaches other than Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams aren't exactly lighting the world on fire. This would be a great time to land a really good coach who could, say, win a tournament game or two.  We could be wrong here, but the two guys who most clearly fit the bill, who can handle academics, recruiting and coaching at a high level, are Jeff Capel and Sean Miller. Mike Brey too - he cleaned up in Northern Virginia when he was a Duke assistant.  Maybe Fran McCaffrey deserves a look

On the other hand, not everyone agrees that Capel is a rising star.  Even more weirdly, in that last link, Jason Whitlock suggests Davidson should be in so he could satisfy his video hots for Stephen Curry's mother: "Look, sex sells, and the NCAA Tournament is a television event put on to draw viewers. Sonya Curry makes me want to watch Davidson hoops. The woman is fine. She looks like Halle Berry's big sister."

And in Atlanta, Mark Bradley's campaign to dump Paul Hewitt continues, with a link to a column

And it seems increasingly clear that Frank Haith won't mind using the Miami job as a stepping stone.  Yes, he's an ACC guy, but to people from North Carolina, calling Miami an ACC job is still a stretch. He is apparently interested in Alabama, which has been a graveyard for coaches since Wimp Sanderson stepped down.

So who would be great hires for which schools that might be looking soon?  We've already talked about Virginia.  How about the rest?  Just for some quick thoughts...

  • Miami - Bob McKillop (no chance), Anthony Grant
  • Georgia Tech - Kevin Stallings, Kino Davis
  • Virginia Tech - Anthony Grant, Gary Watters, Bob Knight (you get the feeling they'd love him there, and lots of good hunting and fishing around too)
  • Wake Forest - Sean Miller, Kevin Stallings
  • N.C. State - Sean Miller, Herb Sendek (just kidding!), Richard Pitino, Kino Davis
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