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Kentucky Ready To Pull The Trigger?

All the seats on the coaching carousel will be in utter turmoil if the Kentucky rumors are true: are they really thinking about firing Billie Gillespie after only two seasons? And if so, who are they going to target?

The jobs open right now - Georgia, Alabama, Virginia - will likely experience some severe disruptions in their search.  Take Jeff Capel for one obvious example.  He'd be nuts to want the Kentucky job, but they'd be nuts not to pursue him.  Would they?  And if Virginia is after him, how do you rank those two jobs?  It's a fascinating possibility - the search, not Capel - and it would really turn things upside down.  Mike Anderson?  Jon Pelphrey? Billy Donovan?  Anthony Grant? If they go through with this, all bets are off - and if we remember correctly, they've never formalized a contract, so life is easier in that regard.

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