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5:00 Results & Impressions!

Opening day losers & winners so far (we'll update this later).  With the exception of BYU, the losing teams are the only reps from their conferences, and so they're done for the year.

Impressive performances:  UConn, Maryland, LSU and UNC.  UNC should dominate Radford and did, winning 101-58.  But UConn's was more so:  the Huskies had a 63-20 lead over Chattanooga.  That's really remarkable, even given the disparity between the teams.

LSU was much more athletic than we realized, and while we thought a smart, disciplined team like Cal would give Maryland fits, the Terps played a beautiful game.

Maryland now moves on to take on Memphis, a team that looked shockingly vulnerable against Cal State Northridge.  LSU moves on to take on UNC Saturday, and they look more capable than we had thought earlier. If Ty Lawson can't go, this game could be very interesting.

Team Conference
UConn Big East
Memphis C-USA
Texas A&M Big 12
Purdue Big Ten
Teams Conference
Chattanooga Southern
Northridge Big West
Radford Big South
N. Iowa Missouri Valley
BYU Mountain West
Butler Horizon