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ACC Roundup!

In ACC news, tournament and otherwise, Ty Lawson's toe is still a dominant topic.    UNC will take on Seth Greenberg's brother, Brad, and his Radford team on Thursday and they won't need him.  But whoever they get in the next game, LSU or Butler, could be a pain.

After a very impressive season, Florida State has rewarded Leonard Hamilton with an extension. Beats getting fired.  A big part of why his team has done so well?  Toney Douglas, of course, who might now get some recognition.

Apparently the Virginia team didn't see Dave Leitao's firing coming and were quite stunned that he was let go. Former 'Hoo Curtis Staples blames it on recruiting; Whitey Reid blames it on defense.

We're hot and cold on Clemson, but you can't overlook this: it's an experienced team and they have some desire to make up for last year's flameout. Can they do it? Only time will tell.

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