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ACC Roundup - Tournament Edition!

In ACC Tournament action, Miami only managed 47 points against Virginia Tech, losing 65-47, State bowed to Maryland, 74-69,  Virginia lost to B.C., 76-63, and Clemson was upset by Georgia Tech, 86-81.

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That last one was a pretty impressive upset.   What we should have considered is how hot Lewis Clinch has been lately, and he's been on fire. Clinch racked up 32, including five treys.
Gani Lawal had 20 points and 14 boards.  Georgia Tech thus moves on to play Florida State, and their sole meeting this year was close (62-58), and that was when Tech was about to set off on a seven game losing streak.

We can understand why Virginia Tech came out like gangbusters.  They do have some talent and they're not ready to call it an NIT season.  Totally appropriate.  But Miami?  What the hell happened to that team?  They fell apart - against Virginia Tech.  That's not a knock on the Hokies, but come on.  They're not 18 points better than Miami.

Frank Haith has a lot to think about between now and next season.

State wanted to rub Maryland's nose in it and they shot out to a 13 point lead, but the Terps of course prevailed.  Pack tormenter Greivis Vasquez had 17 points and 10 assists, heating up after a slow first half.

For their troubles, Maryland get a rematch with Wake Forest.  They almost won that game a few days ago in College Park before a few plays turned the tide late.  Should be fun.

And though it wasn't a vintage effort, B.C. got past Virginia, as expected, 76-63.  The drumbeat in the media, which has turned against Dave Leitao, has been somewhat muffled lately since Virginia made it clear he'd be back.  But the Post has already put him on notice, saying that while there is some optimism for next year, "[w]hether the optimism is justified will likely serve as a barometer for Leitao's future at Virginia."

So tomorrow Georgia Tech takes on FSU, as mentioned, at 2:00.  Virginia Tech gets UNC at noon, Wake and Miami go at 7:00, and Duke plays B.C. at 9:00.  Of note:  Ty Lawson may or may not play.  UNC lists his toe as a serious injury. Skeptics may point to Roy Williams' disdain for the tournament and wonder if he's simply holding his guard out to be very careful.

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