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Two Amazing Performances

While it's still time for conference tournaments, there have been two stunning performances already, suggesting that this year might be extraordinary: first, on Wednesday, Mike Singletary scored 29 straight points to lead Texas Tech to a furious comeback against Texas A&M.  When was the last time anyone scored 29 straight points?  Wilt?  Michael?  That's just

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incredible.  Keep in mind that A&M was increasingly pressuring him, and the whole game tends to work against anyone who is dominating to that level. Just remarkable (in Thursday night's game, Missouri held him to 17, which may partially be because of the immense energy he expended Thursday).

But that was just a warmup to the Syracuse-UConn epic.  After hitting a shot at the end of regulation, Eric Devendorf, who is lucky to be playing at all, jumped up on the scorer's table and pumped his fist (violently, according to the Times) in the air, only to have his shot ruled too late.

After the fifth overtime, a number of players hit the floor, in apparent frustration over a game that appeared neither winnable nor losable.  But in the sixth extra frame, Syracuse pulled away and won, 127-117.

Eight players fouled out, five more finished with four, and Syracuse's Jonny  Flynn played 67 minutes but only picked up two.

No word yet on whether anyone asked UConn's Jim Calhoun if he earned his salary in this one.

Check out the box score just to see the overtimes - incredible.

UConn joined Pitt and Oklahoma as prominent upset victims Thursday night.  Jeff Capel's Sooners lost to the Boys From Hellhole (as Capel memorably called Stillwater), 71-70, on foul shots with 2.3 left.

For those of you who believe the NCAA likes to design TV matchups, what does this do to the odds of Oklahoma and Duke being placed in the same regional?

By the way, among the people who might be giddy about Syracuse's incredible win:  hometown boy Greg Paulus.

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